Cases Deemed Impossible

Aggressive to Loverboy


Charlie was a wild dog living behind the prison in West Nashville. Guards in the towers saw him running with a pack of coyotes until one trapped him, brought him home, chained him to a tree and beat him for 9 months. The rage filled Charlie was relieved from the situation by a guy that dumped him on his girlfriend with a note, "I'm moving to Florida."  Sounds awful, but this was the best thing that could have happened. His cat loving new mom never gave up on him. After helping his mom better understand pack psychology, Charlie morphed from a rage filled dog to a lover boy and later became a resource to other challenged dogs in  rescues. Kind of a doggie mentor. Charlie is very loved and deeply loves all humans and critters in his life.

Blind, Deaf and Left for Dead


Andy was a large male blind Great Dane, found chained to a tree in the middle of no where, starving and left to die. Before being left, someone used something sharp to scramble the insides of his ears deafening him and mangled his tail. The person that found him got him to a Great Dane rescue that placed him in a loving foster home.  Andy was deemed a dangerous dog, so the rescue pointed the foster to me. His foster mom resisted significant pressure to give up on him and followed the path I set for her. She turned Andy from a hazard to a wonderful  love filled family companion.

Wolf Loves Mom's Leadership


Hania was adopted by a talented horse trainer that quickly learned she didn't have the skills to handle this large predator. Her excitement about owning a wolf was quickly replaced by fear. Hania made it clear that mom would make a good lunch. His attitude towards humans revolved around who he deemed leader. When he viewed human as leader, he was a fun loving affectionate companion. Submitting to Hania was not a good option. As his owner adopted the behaviors I gave her, they could develop a very strong bond.  As mom changed from being lunch to leader, Hania changed from hunter to lover.

Cat Hater to Lover


Jordan was a long time resident at Williamson County Animal Center. A young couple, that volunteer there,  did well handling him and agreed to foster him. They loved this boy and wanted to adopt him. The problem was that Jordan would rattle a crate to pieces to get at their cat, Pierre. To most it seemed impossible to have both in the same house. Following our session, they diligently implemented my advice and brought more success than they thought possible. I still receive notes of thanks and videos of Jordan playing and snuggling. with Pierre the cat.

Dangerous to Devoted


Martin was a 180 lbs dog deemed very dangerous by a rescue. His aggression worsened as he went from foster to foster. His time seemed up when his last foster saw the rage in him. Apparently, she was making dinner one night when Martin jumped up on the dining room table, crashed through the chandelier as he jumped to the kitchen counter and crushed the glasses in the sink as he went airborne again launching himself at his foster mom standing in front of the stove. From the floor she saw him pull the pot with her dinner off the stove dumping it to eat. When she tried to get up, Martin flashed a threat letting her know getting up was not an option.  I can't say this was an easy case, but Martin ended up being a devoted loving companion.

The Best Ever


Duke was the best because he was not only one of my alumni, but I adopted him about a year after rehabilitating him. Duke was a Mastiff/Great Dane mix that grew up as a bait dog. A dog used to train others to fight. Needless to say, Duke had issues and his previous owners knew they were in over their heads. I remember first meeting him, fight and flight were taking over back and forth as he released his bowls and bladder lunging then frantically retreating. After a few sessions, Duke found peace through their leadership and they had control over what seemed like a hopeless cause. Duke remains a testament to the forgiveness and grace inherent to dogs. With his history, no one could expect such love and devotion to abound. 

More Loved Alumni

Kicked Out of Prison


Buster Brown was in the Georgia State Penitentiary Prisoner Rehabilitation Program. The staff felt that Buster was too hard on the prisoners and planned to put him down. A wonderful lady raced down to Georgia and brought him home just in time. Buster had a number of issues too numerous to list here. Everything from killing off the local opossum population, cat issues, unruly on leash and at the front door. Buster turned into an amazing dog loved by all that know him.

Tens Years No Love


Molly is a ten year old Poodle that returned absolutely no love or affection for her parents. For years they showed her nothing but love. Frustrated they called me with hopes I could get their dog to love them back. Indifference is often an expression of leader. In one session they learned how to flip the relationship from being submissive humans to loving leaders. The next day I received the above photo of Molly basking in the love and leadership of mom as they nap together. 

Wolf Wants to be Mom


Tala is a Timber Wolf who's motherly instincts were not appreciated by a young couple with a baby. By the time baby turned one, Tala had claimed it as her own cub. Things really went south when she started correcting baby as a wolf cub and they called me. Mom learned how to claim a high value idem (piece of cheese) and then could claim her own baby as hers. Tala was fine with her new station as loving aunt.

Leash Puller and Gin Lover


A local veterinarian asked me to help stop her pig from aggressively cohersing gin from their neighbor. To abate this  behavior, the vet learned how to be respected by her pig and set boundaries. She applied my principles with her two dogs. One ended up leash trained and the other house trained. It is a natural activity for submissive dog to follow the leader and not let leader down by "going" in the house.

Party All Night


From the start, Aspen enjoyed staying up all night singing to her family. They  became so frustrated, several sleep deprived family members were ready to get hotel rooms. In one session they learned why Aspen was  enjoying nocturnal beighing and how to stop it. Aspen gave up night time singing for night time snoring.

Didn't Mean to Break Her Wrist


Brie was a very enthusiastic French Bulldog pup that was a bit mouthy, slow to house train and most unruly on leash. Her mom unfortunately took a bad fall associated with the leash whirling around her ankles, but learned how easy it can be to resolve these issues. Even with the most challenging puppies, don't get frustrated, just give me a call.

"There's No Place Like Home"


More than a few years ago, the animal shelter in Cullman AL took a direct hit by a tornado. Very sadly every dog was sucked up and out of what remained of the building. This sweet girl, Fiona, was one of two that survived. She was found still in her crate over a mile away. When I met her, she was a very anxious dog. In order for Fiona to find peace, her foster learned that Fiona needed more than love. Dogs find safety in the presence of a leader. Her foster mom continued to provide love, but through kind loving leadership, Fiona's anxiety declined and ultimately found peace in her forever home.

Half Dog Half Beaver


Tobi's parents were very frustrated and struggled with her terrible desire to consume all forest products in and out of the home. Shrubs in the yard and any and all wooden furniture was damaged or destroyed by this half beaver half dog. At their whits end, they contacted me. After the first session, Tobi abandoned her buzz saw past and refocused her efforts on pleasing her peeps. 

Loves the Mailman


Webster loved to pursue visitors (especially the mailman) with great enthusiasm. I didn't see it in this handsome devil, but I did believe his momma when she said he will bite fleeing ankles. Webster quickly learned not to be a control freak at the door, be respectful of visitors and not bite the mailman. Webster will always bark to let his humans know, "stranger danger", but he now can chill when his leaders let him know they are in control. Webster, his humans and definitely the mailman are much happier.

Three Different Challenges


Each of these three pit bulls came from different pasts. Stouie was deaf and yet ended up a certified therapy dog. Uma had her teeth filed down and used as practice for fighting dogs. Piggy was repetitively beat up by another dog. All three of them ended up in loving homes with humans determined to give them great lives. All, I am proud to call friends. I don't feel like they are a testament to my efforts, but they are a testament to the pure loving nature of dogs.