Bringing Out The Best In All

Any Dog

Quickly resolve issues with any dog. Large or small, young or old, you will learn much more about how dogs think and how to respond. It's true some breeds are predisposed to certain behaviors. But all dogs have one thing in common. They all hunger to please their leader. You will learn how to bring this natural desire out in your dog for you.

Trusted by Local Celebrities

Almost all of my students find me through alumni, their veterinarian,  local shelter or rescue. I feel flattered that so many trust me with their loved dogs and honored to be thought of as Williamson County's favorite dog trainer.

Always a Happy Ending

Forever I will look at your dog as a member of my marketing team. With almost all my business coming from referrals, your success is very important to me. I love hearing from my alumni with updates and questions. Results come fast. But we aren't done till we have lots of smiles and wagging tails.

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