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Calm Will Come

Helping hundreds of families live peaceful happy lives together with their dogs.Todd Vehring, "The Doggie Lama" is a leading canine behavior and training specialist. He has been specializing in aggression management and obedience for nearly twenty years. Todd began training Beagles at the age of seven and later, Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds for obedience competitions.  Todd's unique approach has resulted in him being a resource to other trainers, veterinarians, shelters and rescues with what were deemed to be impossible or the most difficult cases.  His in depth understanding of pack psychology enables him to provide quick results in a fun environment for the dog as well as the student.


Turning Cujo's Into Couch Potatoes.

Learn how easy it is to bring Peaceful Obedience through your responses to your dogs behaviors.Todd will teach you what you need to know to communicate verbally and non verbally to  quickly resolve unwanted behaviors and make training a breeze.


Fast Fun Results

Whether your dog doesn't come when called or has sent the entire family to the emergency room, The Doggie Lama will put you on a path to successful living with any dog or puppy. Todd's success is largely driven through setting you up as  pack leader enabling your dog to find peace through a calm submissive state of mind. Your dog's desire to please will be heightened and will also live a happier life.

Get To Know Todd

My Life


Todd is a geologist that has worked with dogs most of his life. The photo above is him after winning an obedience competition at age 7. Outside of helping dog owners, shelters and rescues, Todd is a husband, father, ordained minister, writer, beekeeper, organic gardener that enjoys travel and a bit of adventure. 

My Pack


Naturally, dogs are a big part of Todd's life. He currently lives with three. Hooch,  Bullmastiff, Tucker, a German Shorthaired Pointer/Pit mix and Pearl a Pit Bull. All three dogs have very different pasts, but happy futures.

A Passion


Todd is passionate about keeping dogs out of shelters or being put down. He is called to help "unadaptable" dogs find peace in new forever homes and "at risk" dogs stay home. Above is a picture of his first shelter student,  Meredith.

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