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Franklin, TN
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Bringing Peaceful Obedience

All dogs have their own personality, yet think like dogs and not people. Having an understanding of pack psychology enables us to communicate much more effectively with dogs and provide them an environment necessary to live a balanced life with you, their pack leader. Every dog has an individual personality and lives in a unique environment. Because of this, every dog needs to be trained differently. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and in depth knowledge as to how to leverage pack psychology for you and your dogs best benefit. Whether you want to train a puppy or a mature dog, The Doggie Lama can bring you fast results. You love your dog or puppy and can count on The Doggie Lama to train with love, compassion and understanding.

The Doggie Lama offers private in home sessions to achieve:
  • Basic Obedience Training - Fundamental commands (sit, stay, come), leash training and social skills.
  • Puppy Training - House Training, early socialization as well as problem resolution such as whining at night.
  • Behavior Modification - Abatement of aggressive behavior, separation anxiety, excessive barking, digging, jumping or chewing.

Contact us to review your needs and see why top Williamson County veterinarians, rescue organizations, leading area Pet Stores and other dog owners are enthusiastic about The Doggie Lama.
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