Todd leash trained both our dogs in minutes and got us on track with house training our puppy that has not had an accident in weeks.  

The Doggie Lama Dog Training
Franklin, TN
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Hear what our clients have to say about The Doggie Lama:

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with what you have done for our family. We noticed a difference in our Bernie almost immediately. The techniques you showed us have enabled us to maintain all the progress Bernie has made.
Thanks for everything!

Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Not so! The Doggie Lama did. Thanks so much for helping us help old Archie in his later years. 

Todd Vehring is our Dog Rescues favorite trainer.  He IS the Doggie Lama.  You’ll think you are on a famous dog rehabilitation TV show but Todd’s much taller than the usual host.   The Doggie Lama can help you with almost any odd behavior in your dog that the usual manual can’t seem to handle.  Just a few sessions with Todd will earn you that special designation of Pack Leader!

Customers bring dogs with almost any imaginable challenge into the Pet Store. We enjoy sending them to Todd knowing the next time we see them, their dog will be behaving better and we get to see big smiles of appreciation.

Running a busy Vet Clinic, we have to treat lots of dogs with behavior issues, as well puppies needing house training help. We always refer them to Todd with confidence in receiving glowing appreciation of his fast results.

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly Pumpkin improved. No more destroyed furniture and no more biting. We expected it to take more than six months. We were pleasantly surprised that Pumpkin responded to you in one session. Kudos to you!

I love the patience and care shown by Todd. He took his time and really connected with my Dog, Whiskers. Our children love to play with Whiskers now, and we aren't afraid of biting anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!

I am amazed at the range of knowledge that The DoggieLama possesses. I never thought he could help me with our dog, Stumpy.  But his approach is far reaching and Stumpy is less stubborn and seems happier than ever before!

Todd turned Charlie from a "Cujo" into a big baby.

It was amazing!! J J J  He really is a new dog.  I know he’s going to be great when my sister and her family come to see us in a couple of weeks.

We will forever be grateful to you for making our life calm and happy. J

I am thrilled and want to show my visiting family that he can be trusted and has become a great dog.

Phew! I'm relieved I can now leave the beast at home alone. Thank you so very much!

I can clean his ears, trim his nails, take something out of his mouth, anything I need to do.  I’m not afraid he’ll yank me up the steps or down the sidewalk or that he’ll go bananas and lunge at someone.  He’s no longer out of control.  It’s a happy, calm home.

The dogs are doing fantastic you definitely made our house peaceful again.

We were very pleased with your first visit.  Last night we had no problems what so ever.  In fact, we only had one growling incident and we were able to quiet it with the shhht.  We look forward to working with you more in the coming weeks. 

You are a genius. Thank you very much!!!!

Thanks for all your help, you are amazing. 






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