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Franklin, TN
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About the Trainer

Todd Vehring, "The Doggie Lama" is a leading canine behavior and training specialist. He has been specializing in aggression management and obedience for nearly twenty years. Todd began training Beagles at the age of seven and later, Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds for obedience competitions.  Todd's unique approach has resulted in him being a resource to other trainers with what were deemed to be impossible cases involving aggression and other negative behavior cases. His in depth understanding of pack psychology enables him to provide very quick results in a fun environment for the dog as well as the client. 

Top area veterinarians, rescue organizations and pet stores encourage their challenged customers contact him for fast fun results.

     "I Love the Doggie Lama"

Todd is a Professional Geologist that enjoys time with his family, Andy his English Bulldog, Tucker his junkyard mix puppy, Jack the cat (who thinks he is a dog), camping, and many other outdoor activities. 

Todd finds it most rewarding helping dogs transition away from anxiety provoking behaviors to a state of calm obedience.

"The Doggie Lama told me it is better to take care of some things outside"

"I am a 7 year old Timber Wolf. The Doggie Lama taught me to stop looking at my owner as lunch. So I don't gnash my teeth and  charge with the intent of eating her anymore."
"The Doggie Lama told me how to follow directions."

"The Doggie Lama makes training fun."

"The Doggie Lama told me not to whine so much and now life is much better at 15 years young."

"The Doggie Lama told me not to bite, lunge, jump, and snarl at others."

"The Doggie Lama told me to stay off the furniture. Oops!"


You will see that Todd has a gift for connecting with dogs. Frequently he is called in to resolve behavior issues that dogs choose not to display in his presence. Yes, very much like when you take your
 car to the mechanic and can't get it to make the sound it has been for over a month. They respond to him immediately and Todd will teach you what you need to know to do the same with your dog. You will learn how to communicate verbally and non verbally to improve the relationship you have as well as quickly resolve issues and make training a breeze.

Todd's success is largely driven through setting you up as a strong alpha pack leader enabling your dog to find peace through a calm submissive state of mind. Your dog's desire to please you will be heightened and will also live a happier life.

Sitting with me below are two success stories and now lifetime friends.

Todd is very passionate about helping clients and their dogs live successful lives together. Each dog he works with results in wonderful memories and success stories.

Todd has helped:
A family with a Newfoundland that demonstrated excessive enthusiasm towards puppies and small dogs resulting in most significant endangerment. Utilizing desensitization techniques and requiring the Newfie to maintain a calm submissive state in the presence of small dogs and pups, the Newfie can now be considered a giant Teddie bear to small dogs. The Newfie with a new friend and I are in the picture below.

A family that adopted a feral dog with extreme aggression towards all dogs and people. The dog learned to live a happy peaceful life in their home surrounded by adults, children, cats, other dogs and an occasional horse.

A family at their wits end over a puppy that would not stop whining at night. Just before making a hotel reservation for some of the family to find peace and quiet, they called Todd in for help. A few hours after he left from his first visit, they all had a quiet night sleep.

A family with a 125 lbs dog that lunged on lead causing physical harm and towering frustration. The dog immediately healed for Todd like an obedience champ and subsequently he showed the family the ropes on how to do the same.

A family with a dog that would spontaneously empty it's bladder at the sight of any of the women in the house. Before taking it too personally, they called Todd for a quick solution. He gave them one assignment and the dog now wags his tail with joy rather than "making waves" in the house. 

A family in distress over their three dogs continuously attacking each other and occasionally family members. After only 30 minutes, Todd sat with the family and their sleeping peaceful dogs on their living room floor showing them the power of a calm assertive state of mind.

A dog trainer preparing for an advanced obedience title. Two weeks prior to the big test the dog had a negative experience in boarding resulting in the dog loosing control in total fear every time it was around another dog. Not being able to resolve the jumping, twirling, lunging and growling, the trainer contacted Todd desperate for a quick solution. After one session the dog found it's former peaceful state of mind and was well prepared to compete.

A family that adopted a former "bait dog" used to train fighting dogs. Though suffering from terrible fear aggression towards other dogs and people, Todd rehabilitated the dog to live a peaceful life among family and other dog friends.

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